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Electronic zero-loss

condensate drains

classic . . reliable . . value

Because the quantity of condensate that needs to be drained from any system varies by the hour, the day and the season, there is an inevitable loss of compressed air when using a drain with a fixed open/close profile, such as a timer controlled device. Zero loss drains collect condensate as it forms, monitor the level and expel it under system pressure – either for a predetermined period or until the level in the collecting vessel has reduced by a pre-set amount.

The monitoring is normally done by a capacitive sensor (or two if the drain senses the lower level). Installation has to be carefully considered as incorrect plumbing will affect operation; but properly installed and maintained, these drains can save hundreds of pounds per year compared with a timed drain.

STERLING’s carefully chosen selection of zero loss drains incorporates the best of currently available technologies with options for both local and remote alarms, built-in and easily serviceable strainers, and flexible installation options

ZL1300 & ZL1500

STERLING ZL1300 & ZL500 are designed and built to the most exacting standards to provide long-term reliability, high capacity (to 1300 or 5000 cfm), and very importantly exceptionally low running costs. Incorporating two inlets (3 on ZL5000), an internal strainer, local alarm, contacts for a remote alarm (option), override test button, and rated for IP65 protection these drains offer a quality solution with rapid payback in compressed air savings.

Air operated diaphragm valve for high flow and reliable operation

Internal strainer – protects the valve while extending service life

Electronic control in IP65 rated enclosure with  contacts for remote alarm system available as an option

EMD12 & EMD12A

The STERLING EMD12 is designed to provide a safe and reliable method of efficient condensate removal in smaller systems up to 310 cfm (8.8 m3/min).

EMD12 is a modular drain with an easily accessible strainer that can be removed for cleaning while the drain remains installed. The low cost service module is also quickly and easily replaced if necessary.

Unusually, EMD12 may be installed vertically or at 90 degrees facilitating easy installation on filters or air receivers.

The EMD12A version offers powered connection for a remote sited alarm

rapid replacement

of service module

Easily cleaned strainer

protects valve operation

Horizontal or vertical installation options makes fitting quick and simple

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