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Current UK price list

Illustrated current UK price list (prices subject to agreed distributors' resale discount)


Product brochures - oil/water separators & accessories


Separator range brochure (further update in hand)

CS75 - small separator up to 75 cfm

CS100 & CS200 - IBC based 3500 & 7000 cfm separators

CSEQ3 - flow equalising manifold for multiple installations

Product brochures - Condensate drains


Auto-drains general brochure (update required)

ZL5000 - 5000cfm electronic zero-loss drain

ZL1300 - 1300 cfm electronic zero-loss drain

AD950T hybrid - moisture sensing drain with periodic timed override

TD15 A/B - timer controlled solenoid operated drain

CS402 & CS20B - mechanical float operated drains

OWS service kits list

Installation & maintenance - oil/water separators


CS75 - Installation and Maintenance

CSR separators - 150 to 3000 cfm - Installation & Maintenance

CS100 & CS200 IBC separators - Installation & Maintenance

Installation & maintenance - autodrains


ZL1300 / ZL5000 Autodrain - Installation & Maintenance

EMD12 Autodrain  - Installation & Maintenance

TD15 A & B -Timed drains - specifications


Knowledge & legislation


British Compressed Air Society - statement on condensate disposal

Certificate of conformity - oil/water separators



Administration and terms