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Condensate drains

choose . . . . the right type for you

STERLING Separation offers a range of condensate drains from simple yet reliable timer operated devices, float drains, zero-loss drains and an intelligent hybrid that offers timed operation coupled with an air-saving condensate sensor.

You can find the detailed pro's and con's for each type under their individual descriptions

Choosing the right type

The cheapest drain to buy is not necessarily the least expensive to own. 

Compressed air comes at a cost, and if you waste some every time your condensate drain removes water from the system, that cost adds up over time.

On a small system with light use, this may not be considered too important, but larger systems with continuous demand can easily waste hundreds of pounds worth of compressed air each year - per drain!

Because the amount of condensate produced varies according to temperature, humidity, factory demand and system pressure fluctuations, a simple timed drain must be set to remove the maximum quantity.

At all other times, the timed drain discharges costly compressed air.

Level sensing zero-loss drains capture condensate, then discharge it as required with little or no waste.

Capital cost is greater, cost of ownership much lower.

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