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Mechanically operated 'zero-loss' drains

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Usually referred to as ‘float drains’, these devices have two great advantages: they respond to the presence of condensate and so, in theory they waste no compressed air; and they require no power supply, making them ideal for large and widely distributed sites.

There’s a wide range of designs available from the very basic, to those with sight glasses, alarm indications, and external functions designed to allow an engineer to ‘exercise’ the mechanism on maintenance rounds to help prevent sticking.

STERLING stocks several types from high capacity as shown, down to the very small units usually supplied inside compressed air filters and water separator housings.



Heavy duty float drain for general use including receivers and on distributed sites where there is no available power. Has a heavy duty bowl and rugged internals.



Lighter duty float drain for use on drip legs etc. Features a polycarbonate bowl protected by an aluminium housing

Filter housing drains


STERLING offers a range of small float drains compatible with many ‘industry standard’ filter housings. 

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