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STERLING has a long-standing supply partnership with one of the finest OEM filter manufacturers in Europe, to ensure that the filtration products we supply meet all of the necessary standards – and more importantly, your expectations.

We carry a wide range of stock of our own-branded high quality filters, cartridges and accessories. Built to the same standards as ‘big name’ brands, STERLING air filtration is an excellent, economical option supported by generous UK availability

Read more about our own-brand filters

Alternative elements

Conforming to the same international standards and specifications as the originals, our alternative elements are great value, and mostly available off the shelf.

Read more about our 3rd party elements

Element 1.png
AF vlozek S2.jpg
DOMNICK HUNTER - oil-x evolution.JPG
Filter element group.png
AF prerez.jpg

See the price list for the full range in an easy-to-find table, or for detailed advice, or to find your nearest STERLING distributor, call our sales team on 01543 502010

Use this great tool to find the STERLING equivalent to any OEM (or sub-branded element) in seconds - or check your existing stock of STERLING elements to see ALL the OEM elements they'll fit.

You can manage your own stock better, and get instant and reliable parts  information on-line wherever you are.

Access to this service will be limited to STERLING filter distributors. The passcode can be obtained through the sales office

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