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Housings & elements

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STERLING filtration products have been specifically developed for the highly efficient removal of solid particles, water, oil aerosols and hydrocarbons from compressed air systems.

Products are rated according to ISO8573-1 and are validated according to ISO12500-1 & ISO12500-3. See specimen data sheet

Applications include general industrial, automotive, electronics, chemical, petrochemical, plastics, paint and other various compressed air filtration tasks. To meet the required compressed air quality standard, an appropriate filter element (of type P,R,S or A) must be installed into the filter housing.

Sizes available from 3/8" to 3" pipe, & from - 1 m3/min to 46 m3/min flow.

For use with any technical gases (other than compressed air) please contact STERLING or your local DISTRIBUTOR.

CSH filter bodies

Aluminium housings - 16 bar

supplied with element and drain

Filter elements suitable for STERLING filter housings are available from stock as:-

'P' grade - 3.0µ,

'R' grade - 1.0µ,

'S' grade - 0.01µ

'A' grade -  Activated carbon

AF cart 4.jpg

The STERLING range includes highly effective cyclone condensate separators.

These aluminium bodied separators are available from 3/8" to 3" pipe size, matching the standard filter range.

16 bar operating pressure

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