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CS75 oil/water separator

STERLING oil/water separators are designed for clean efficient operation and to assist users in maintaining their compliance with environmental legislation.
By building on established principles and adding function and quality with creative design, STERLING is committed to producing products that equal or exceed the requirements of their customers and the market in general.

STERLING’s smallest oil/water separator is also the smallest available separator with a replaceable cartridge filter.
This means that it’s lifetime cost is much lower than single-use ‘throwaway’ separators – and it’s also more environmentally friendly.
CS75 works with any compressor up to 11kW

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Key points at a glance 

Available from stock
three colour options to suit your system - at no extra cost

smallest, lowest cost, serviceable separator - in the world

●  2.1 m3/min (75scfm) capacity
● <4000 hours service life
●  Rapid wall-mount installation (floor-mount option)
●  Push-in rapid fittings
● ‘Time-in-service’ indicator
● Guaranteed splash-free design
● ‘No-tools-required’ for the rapid cartridge change
● 10-year warranty*

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