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CSR150 to CSR3000

oil/water separators

STERLING oil/water separators are designed for clean efficient operation and to assist users in maintaining their compliance with environmental legislation.
By building on established principles and adding function and quality with creative design, STERLING is committed to producing products that equal or exceed the requirements of their customers and the market in general.

Elegant design; uncomplicated selection; flexible installation; reliable operation; rapid maintenance; low cost of ownership. Need we say more?
Well yes! With STERLING’s unwavering support from the industry’s most experienced team and the confidence of a ten-year factory warranty, STERLING CSR is the ‘no-risk’ choice in oil/water separators.

Key points at a glance 

●  4.2 m3/min (150cfm) to 85 m3/min (3000cfm)capacity
● <4000 hours service life
●  Wide base improves stability
●  Brass fittings - no plastic threads.
● ‘Time-in-service’ indicator
● Test kit and storage area built-in
● ‘No-tools-required’ for the filter change
● 10-year warranty*

NEW for 2021

three colour options to suit your system - at no extra cost

CSR lid showing Time-in-service indicator and the secure test jar storage location.

CSR TIS Detail.png

Larger CSR separators use multi-part filters to make removal easier and safer during one-man servicing operations – even on the CSR 1000, 2000 and 3000

Brass thread inserts and twin accessible sample points demonstrate the careful design and build quality of STERLING separators

Optional floor stand for CSR150 & CSR450 raises the outlet in places where the  drop to the drain does not provide enough slope for correct flow

CSR brass detail.png
Pedestal.png being better

2000cfm & 3000cfm separators

CSR2000 and CSR3000 incorporate the CSEQ3 condensate splitter manifold. This ensures equal flow to the separator towers, getting the most out of the filters and preventing over-flows caused by overloaded units

A CSR2000 has two separators fed via a CSEQ3 manifold, while the CSR3000 comprises three separators fed through a CSEQ3
The manifold is available separately as a retro-fit device for any oil/water separator installation, or it can be used as a pressure relief chamber to protect separators in high pressure systems.

Thoughtful design as standard.

composite with CSR1000s.png
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