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oil/water separators

Using a large-scale version of the proven technology found in the CSR range, STERLING’s large separators utilise internationally standardised bulk containers to minimise the cost of manufacture.

That benefit is passed on to the customer, along with our legendary support, consistent reliability and excellent performance.
Lasting up to 16,000 hours in use, these are the ultimate in large scale economical condensate cleaning.

CS200IBC 2020.png

The purpose-designed moulded inlet diffuser calms the condensate flow as it

enters the separator. Inside, preliminary cleaning of bulk oil is completed by a

layer of coarse media, before the flow permeates the main filter bed, passing slowly under gravity and giving ample opportunity for the oleophilic material to capture finer oil particles.

optimised............for larger systems

● No power consumption, small footprint
● No moving parts – no floats, weirs, oil containers or sensors
● No maintenance required (except weekly quality check) for up to 16,000 hours
● Cartridge-type replacement filter ensures quick & clean service routine.
● Economically engineered—Lowest ‘cost of ownership’ of all possible solutions
● Up to 2 years between services at  capacities of 3500 or 7000 cfm  (100 or 200 m3/min)

Servicing summary

At end-of-life the full, spent IBC complete with captured oil should be removed from site by a licensed contractor and replaced with a new IBCK. The pressure relief chamber and pipe-work are retained for re-fitting. The operation is quick and simple, and should be be done, at most, every 2 years.

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