Condensate Drains

STERLING Separation Ltd offers a range of condensate drains, encompassing simple yet reliable timer operated devices, float drains, zero-loss drains and a hybrid that offers timed operation coupled with an air-saving condensate sensor.

Timer controlled condensate drains. The simple timer controlled drain is probably the most frequently installed type, because it is usually reliable and has a low capital cost. STERLING’s selection includes 1/4″, 3/8″ and 1/2″ optimised as standard for condensate discharge, with adjustable ‘open’ and ‘interval’ periods. Open or discharge time is adjustable between 0.5 and 10 seconds, interval period is from 30 seconds to 45 minutes. We can supply all drains with or without a BVS (ball valve & strainer) according to customer choice, although we always recommend installing a strainer to protect the drain valve and an isolating valve so that it can be easily removed for maintenance if required. We offer multiple voltage choices and because we’ve been working with these drains for some years we know for certain that they are at least as reliable and economical as you can get.

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Electronic ‘zero-loss’ drains. Because the quantity of condensate that needs to be drained varies by the hour, the day and the season there is an inevitable loss of compressed air when using a drain with a fixed open/close profile. Zero loss drains collect condensate, monitor the level and expel it under system pressure – either for a predetermined period or until the level has reduced by a preset amount.

The monitoring is normally done by a capacitive sensor (or two if the drain senses the lower level). Installation has to be carefully considered as the plumbing can affect operation, but properly installed and maintained these drains can save hundreds of pounds per year compared with a timed drain.

STERLING’s carefully chosen selection of zero loss drains incorporates the best of currently available technologies with options for both local and remote alarms, built-in and easily serviceable strainers, and flexible installation options

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Intelligent timed drains. In many ways, STERLING’s AD950T has the ability to offer the best of both worlds. As a timed drain with a fixed interval it asks little from the installer as there are no special conditions to consider when planning the drain’s position or pipe run. However, when it operates the ‘open’ time is cut short if there is no condensate present. What this means is that variations in condensate volume are compensated for to some extent, reducing significantly the air loss compared to that of a simple timer operated drain. AD950T can handle condensate from a system up to 2000 cfm, making it an excellent choice for  a wide spread of applications.

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Mechanically operated  ‘zero-loss’ drains. Usually referred to as ‘float drains’, these devices have two great advantages: they respond to the presence of condensate and so, in theory they waste no compressed air; and they require no power supply, making them ideal for large and widely distributed sites.

There’s a wide range of designs available from the very basic, to those with sight glasses, alarm indications, and external functions designed to allow an engineer to ‘exercise’ the mechanism on maintenance rounds to help prevent sticking.

STERLING stocks several types from high capacity as shown, down to the very small units usually supplied inside compressed air filters and water separator housings.

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