STERLING’s people have experience, and we’re happy to share it with our customers. It’s normal for our sales team to organise site visits in support of distributor personnel – it’s a big part of our ethos.

However, it’s quite usual for compressed air distributors to employ compressor sales people who have never had any formal introduction to the art of condensate management. All too often the subject gets ignored because the sales value is one of the smaller aspects of an installation. That may be true, but we know how irritating it can be if a ‘detail’ like an oil/water separator causes expensive call-backs through incorrect selection or installation.

It doesn’t need to happen like that. STERLING can arrange a detailed training course on the principles of condensate management for your existing team – or any new recruits either in sales or on the service side. It usually takes less than a morning. We’ll come to you, and it’s free of charge!

Contact us to enquire about the courses and receive a course summary